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Blue sage - 10 cm

Blue sage - 10 cm

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Blue sage is a perennial plant that is usually grown as an annual plant in temperate climates.

It creates upright, branched and at the same time firm and compact stems, which are finished with long-blooming inflorescences. As a fumigant, blue sage serves to purify space and objects, heal and protect.

The smell when smoked with blue sage is different from the smell of white sage, it is not so pungent and reminds of lavender.

Like white sage, it is used to expel bad energy or entities from space and to strengthen our own inner strength.


The bundle is ignited and allowed to burn for a short time. The flame is never blown out and is left to smolder in a non-flammable container, e.g. in a shell, plate or bowl. You can disperse the smoke from the exhauster around the room with your hand or a feather. We go through the room in a clockwise direction with the smoking bundle. We go through the entire space in this way and at the same time we can recite cleansing prayers such as: I cleanse this space of all foreign and negative energies, I ask for purification and peace in my space. We can place the bundles in the corners of the room, but not completely against the walls, so that our plasters or other materials do not smoke. After the ritual, you can cut off the smoldering end and use the rest of the bundle the next time, or simply leave it to smolder on a non-flammable surface.


- never leave the smoker unattended during the burning and smoldering phase.
- do not leave burning exhaust on a surface that is flammable or deformable.
- keep out of reach of children.
- do not light the extinguisher in the presence of persons with breathing problems or persons who do not wish to do so.
- make sure the smoker is completely extinguished after your ritual is over!

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