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White sage - 22 cm

White sage - 22 cm

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White sage is a related species of medicinal sage - however, it only grows at altitudes from 1000 meters above sea level and needs a lot of heat and sun.

In folk medicine, sage was used to treat abrasions, inflammation of abrasions, inflammation of the skin, sore throats, and high temperatures. Legend has it that the white sage got its silver color when a thin girl wanted to sacrifice a white bison, but she had nothing but sage weeds from the side of the road. Thanks to pure and strong faith,  this girl turned the brown herb on the altar into a beautiful silvery white sage as we know it today.

In the life of the North American Indians, it is an irreplaceable plant, which they use in the sweat sauna ritual, to fumigate the dwelling, and to ward off evil spirits and diseases. The smoke of white sage is cleansing and disinfecting, it even repels insects, it can cleanse the space and the body of negative and foreign energies. The distinctive and spicy aroma spreads peace and healing. He is an excellent guide during prayers and mantras. It is ideal for shamanic and cleansing rituals, as it emits a highly energetic and thick smoke when smoked. 

It has disinfecting effects, so it is suitable for cleaning rooms during colds, flu or fever. Sage further strengthens the body and spirit, and at the same time restores energy and helps strengthen memory. 

Our sage comes from the southwest coast of North America, where it is grown on plantations in the Baja California - Mexico region. 

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