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Palo Santo - 50g

Palo Santo - 50g

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Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is a tree of Central American origin and has immense spiritual significance for the area.

Palo Santa smoke will help you drive away negative energy and gain emotional balance. It also has healing effects on cold symptoms, relieves stress, headache and anxiety. Thanks to its calming effects, it supports the function of the immune system and the nervous system, which helps in faster regeneration and concentration. It also helps positively in the fight against viral and bacterial infections.

Our palo santo comes from Peru and is obtained only from the fallen branches of the tree, so no trees are felled to make the smoker.

Wood is harvested by hand only after the end of the tree's life cycle. The period in which the tree acquires aromatic properties lasts from 3 to 4 years, and for shamans and local residents, it is the period when the palo santa spirits materialize and give the wood characteristic aromatic and healing properties. Planetary Palo santo corresponds to Neptune.


- hold the wood in a vertical position of 45 degrees and light it.
- once the wood is lit, let it burn for about 30 seconds.

- do not blow out the flame, but fan the fire by moving your hand with the stick and let it smoke in the selected area of ​​action on a non-combustible surface. It can be a space, but you can also go over your body gradually from head to toe for self-cleansing.
- if necessary, light the tree again.
- to extinguish the stick, immerse it in water or leave it on a non-flammable surface (bowl, shell, etc.)
- let the tree burn and it will go out by itself.
- after complete drying and burning, the tree can be used again


- never leave the smoker unattended during the burning and smoldering phase.
- do not leave burning exhaust on a surface that is flammable or deformable.
- keep out of reach of children.
- do not light the extinguisher in the presence of persons with breathing problems or persons who do not wish to do so.

- make sure the smoker is completely extinguished after your ritual is over!

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